Thursday, July 3, 2008

GlC & tHe FliCt-i tRiEd!

hOnOr thEse ChicaGO LeGenDs!

HaNCocK aiN't EvEn oN yEt & hE stAyS dRunK tHan A MF!

tHis iS hOw i FeEL wHeN iM loAdeD 2! I fUcK witH hAnCOck cAusE i HavE sUpEr pOwERs whEn I'm dRuNK 2!

pRaY 4 tHe sHaWty! bUt hiS mOvEs wAs FreSh!

I hOpe ThE sHaWtY rEcoVerED!

DoWnlOaD GLC & a-tRaK: dRivE sLoW!

Drive Slow Mixtape

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tHiS fuCkEd mY heAD uP jOe! icE-t vS sOuLjAh bOY!