Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

tHe fOcUsED gROup cOntiNueD! g-StYLe!

ShOuT oUt tO ThE LA tImeS & dEBrA NetBurN fOr bRiNGing yoU tHE fOcuS gROup! DeBra gOt a sHawtY oN thE waY sO sHe On hER pReGnaNt aSs heLL leAvE wHicH lead mE tO coNtinue thE piMPn' oN tHe CiTy!

aT tiMeS mY pimPN' iS LiKE hAnkOCk,s wHen Im tiPsY I sWinG mY wiLLie toO! hAnKocK iS rEaLiStiC aS wELL As iNspiRinG beCausE i KnOW bums WhO tHinK tHe'RE sUPer hERos wHen ThEY ofF tHaT jUicE! wiLL sMitH - sTeaDY StaCkin oN tHesE foOls!
gEt iT MaN!

cOmE eAt wiTH tHe pimPn'@ tHiS unDeRwatEr reStaUranT @ tHe RanGaLi IslAnds

ChurCH iS oN tHE mOvE!

Mr. inTerNatiOnaL - pLaYA witH a pAsSpoRt

HEre I aM wiTh tHe beAutiFuL/fReSh tO dEatH MiA, CaRriE, aNd thE liL hOmEy! tHeY EmbRaCe mY cOnCePt!

StRaIGht BaLliN - GlC rEmaiNS aBOve thE rIM!

AiR GlC - FliGht sChoOL cOminG SoOn!